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Niche Seminars

Thunderhead brings in trusted and proven facilitators to offer workshops, lectures, and discussions surrounding a particular concept or theme. Though these facilitators may not be professional authors, they use creative writing in their work and their classes. 

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with critically-acclaimed playwright Greg Owens

Participants will write, revise, and work as a group to provide constructive feedback on short plays, building toward a public reading of final scripts at the last class. In this beginner-friendly workshop, basics of dramatic structure, technique, and characterization will be explored within the context of practical problem-solving on scripts in progress.

Two basic ideas inform this workshop: 1) Creativity isn't magic.  Dramatic writing - like any art form - has basic elements you can learn more about and work with progressively.  2) Inherently social and collaborative, playwriting can be one of the most non-threatening ways to face your fear of sharing your unique creative vision with the world.

Greg has been writing, directing, and producing original plays (his and those of other writers) for almost 30 years.  Sharing his love of the craft and helping other people experience it is why he likes to teach and work with new plays. Greg's workshop will help you write your best play now.

Thursday Evenings, 6-9pm

February 2nd - 23rd (four weeks)


At the Thunderhead Writers' Collective in the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture, Suite 204

To sign up, please email Thunderhead:

About Greg Owens

While earning his MFA in the early ’90s at Indiana University, Greg wrote, directed, and produced several of his first scripts in an old bus garage with the Bloomington Playwrights Project. The rest of that decade and into the next, he was frequently on the road from Chicago to New York and Los Angeles and cities of all sizes across the country, sleeping on couches and floors while putting up small-theatre productions of his work, including U.S. BLUES, HOME FRONT, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TULSA LOVECHILD: A ROAD TRIP, and his critically acclaimed Chicago Fringe Festival production of THE QUEEN OF BAKERSFIELD & OTHER TALES OF DUST AND MOONLIGHT. The culmination of this road warrior phase came in 2001 when THE LIFE & TIMES OF TULSA LOVECHILD was named the Best Off-Loop Play of the Year by the Chicago Tribune.

After moving to Montana at the turn of the decade, Greg wrote and directed for the similarly peripatetic artists of the Vigilante Theatre Company who, with four actors and a van, toured his work for hundreds of performances throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Three of Greg’s plays have been published by Broadway Play Publishing in New York and excerpts from his work have appeared in the anthologies Best Women’s Stage Monologue of 2007 and Best Men’s Stage Monologues 2005, 2007, and 2012.  Greg lives with his family in Bozeman, where he has taught Playwriting, Theatre Production, and Stage Directing at Montana State University, as well as writing workshops at Verge Theater, The Foundry, and Thunderhead Writers' Collective.  For more information, please visit

Reviews of Greg's Work

The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild

"[An] unexpectedly rich portrait of American hope." (LA Weekly)

"What Owens has given us is a post-Jack Kerouac look at the forces that can go bump in the night in this country… [E]very wise, wistful, whimsical, darkly comic, quasi-tragic note of Owens' script is played with truth and wit. There is a cartoonish quality to the way all their fates coalesce, but there also is truth and genuine sentiment in it.  And therein lies the gentle magic of this play." (Chicago Sun-Times)

The Queen of Bakersfield & other tales of dust and moonlight

“The Queen of Bakersfield and Other Tales of Dust and Moonlight offers a welcome return to the American folk tradition of storytelling. Greg Owens's collection of tall tale, songs, and legends… makes us feel we're eavesdropping on half-true stories swapped over a campfire or shared by strangers in a diner late at night.  The characters in Owens' stories are the down-on-their-luck American working people immortalized in country music, but because Owens focuses on the dark humor inherent in misfortune we can admire their endurance and bravery and sympathize with their bad luck, not cry in our beer with pity.... Together the stories themselves and the telling of them in The Queen of Bakersfield make for exciting theater: an evening that looms larger than life.” (Chicago Reader)

Past Events



Self-publishing is an increasingly popular choice for writers.

Yet navigating your way through a self-published project can be daunting.

Tyler Dunning explains how to pursue self-publishing in this upcoming lecture hosted by Thunderhead. The presentation will include a breakdown of current publication options, followed by a discussion on the stigma of DIY literature and the advances self-publishing can bring to your career. Tyler will also describe the process of creating a zine or chapbook. This presentation explores how to wear many hats as a writer and as a production manager, empowering you to actualize your dream project, from design to distribution.


Born and raised in Montana, Tyler developed a feral curiosity at a young age. This persuasion has led him around the world, to nearly all of the U.S. national parks, and to the backcountry of his own creativity and consciousness. He’s dabbled in such occupations as professional wrestling, archaeology, social-justice advocacy, and academia. At his core he is a writer.

He’s written for The Gap, Active, and Reserve America and has published both fiction and non-fiction with various online journals. He’s in the final stages of completing his first memoir and recently self-published the fairy tale collection Grim Love.